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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 20, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. welcome to "mornings on 2". >> i'm tori campbell.
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if you couldn't stay up late, the 49ers beat the steelers last night, 20-3. but this morning, people are still talking about a pair of power outages that left candlestick park in the dark. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: good morning. it's still not clear what caused these power outages last night. we talked to pg&e this morning and they are not confirming reports that it was because of a blown transformer. they don't have any power problems this morning. the lights are on. no problems here. it was a different story, however, as i mentioned last night's nationally televised game. the first yowdge happened about 20 minutes before kickoff. and many reported what looked like sparks flying. >> we thought it was like
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fireworks. >> it was an explosion and then the lights went out and we were like what's that? >> reporter: now, this is video of what it looked like in the stands right after that. ktvu's tara moriarty happened to be at the game and she took this video and shared it with us. you can see from the pictures, the backup generator kicked in. the start of the delay was de -- of the game was delayed and then there was another one. >> we have children in the crowd. let's be mindful of our young 49er fans, all right? >> reporter: last night 49er officials issued a statement and in that statement they said they believed the outage happened because of a blown transformer. but pg&e is not confirming that. when i talked to a company representative this morning, she said they could have more answers for us later this morning. in the moon time there are
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several -- in the meantime, there are several investigations. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:02. police in vallejo searching now for the gunman who robbed a convenience store and shot the clerk. now this happened about 9:00 last night at the village market on sonoma boulevard. police say two masked men walked into the store, forced everyone to get on the ground. then they robbed the store, shot the clerk in the leg and ran away. police say the clerk's injuries are not life-threatening. >> well, the principal of a middle school in pleasant school is apologizing now after the weekly newsletter sent home to parents contained a racist image. the image showed an after am character with a noose around his neck. and the words "white pride" written in the background. the principal wrote "this
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graphic was attached with an error and without my knowledge or consent. please accept my apology." federal agents in santa clara county are getting ready to deport 63 immigrants recently released from jail. cases for remaining eight are still pending. others have priors. the offenses range from selling drugs to child molestation and child abuse. this comes two months after county supervisors voted to reduce its role in aiding the deportation effort.
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our time, 7:046789 well, the payroll tax issue has hit a political roadblock in washington, d.c. republicans and the house of representatives still insist they will not approve the senate's two-month extension of the tax cut because they want to extend it a full year. coming up at 7:15, we'll bring you a live report from our washington, d.c. noosm to tell us what all of the political poch churring could mean for your -- posturing -- washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us what all of the political posturing could mean for you. well, kraig debro is in hayward and that's one of the places where people are buying lotto tickets. >> reporter: christmas and hanukkah, if you went today, celebrate that. we're at world's fair
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doughnuts. if you take a look behind me, you can see people are busy buying their coffee and doughnuts and perhaps a megamillions tint. that's because the jackpot is 102 million. >> how many do you want? >> 33. i actually bought the ticket down the street. i bought the ticket the same day they hit the $56 million one time. but it wasn't my ticket. no luck. >> reporter: this is a very popular place to buy lotto tickets. we come here frequently when the jackpots get big but people come here, and they offer many of the games here from super lotto to the daily lotto tickets that they draw and the scratch tickets. there is a bunch of them here. one of the questions you want
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to ask is just what would you do with the money if you won. >> i got a bun in the oven. we're hoping that we can retire. >> i'm gonna help out a lot of people and pay my kids' education, school and buy everybody gifts. >> reporter: so anyway, today we are looking at 152 million jackpot. the cash payout is 113 million. this particular game the megamillions is paid in 42 states and the district of columbia. california yawns have had luck winning this game. what was it? november 1st of this year, some people from -- a man from pasa robles won and then people from l.a. won. they shared that jackpot with people from greenville, north carolina. the drawing is tonight.
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if you want between now and 7:45 tonight, it only takes a dollar. as one person said here, if you don't play, you can't win. reporting live, dreaug debro -- kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. business is starting to boom in downtown walnut creek. real estate agents say there's only 75,000 feet of vacant space. and more businesses are starting to -- starting to open their doors. business owners say the low case is perfect and walnut creek is the culinary capital of the east bay. if you are worried about getting -- getting all of those toys before christmas, you don't have to worry. toys are is will open on christmas eve and they stayed
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-- toys 'r' us is open today. they will be -- they will be open on christmas eve. more people will be traveling. aaa says 111 million people will be traveling. sfo is expected to be the busiest day with more than 134,000 people expected to arrive and depart. all right. it is 7:09 let's see how things are moving on the roads. >> let's go outside. we don't have any problems with our monthers westbound -- monitors westbound. there was a crash on gilman.
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they finally cleared that out. they were held up there for a while. when you get to the toll plaza, it's not all that bad. so people were held up there. and i doubt it's really going to pick up. the commute volumes have been just a little bit lighter where a lot of people already are on their break for the holidays. let's take a look at the peninsula where traffic here looks good. remember, we're keeping an eye on the airport. i did find out about an ace train delay. ace number 5 is about 20 minutes late. apparently there was a car on the tracks. it wasn't a crash but they have to go around the car and that's causing a delay on ace train number 5. this is video that we have of the car that went down the embankment in guadalupe
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city. you can see the damage to the vehicle. the driver was taken away. you can see the police did finally clear the scene on guadalupe canyon near carter. we do have mostly sunny skies. maybe some breezy conditions and pockets of fog. another quiet day and no rain. i get treats from people and e- mails and people will stop me and say, are we gonna get any rain soon? the answer is no. santa rosa picked up a whopping .12. there were two decembers where they did not get a drop. one was 1989. the other one was 1876. december is our wettest month. we average 4 1/2 inches of rain for san francisco. but the trend is usually a dry december equals a dry year.
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this does not bode well. southern california continues to get wind, funnel clouds and rain. and they also get some snow in big bear. reno doesn't have any prescription either. if you are traveling, some fog may be an issue. but no rain or snow is in the forecast for the next three to five days. you can see how everything goes offshore. there it goes that's your northeast wind. mount diablo still gusting about 64 about an hour ago. around there you might get some breezy, blustery conditions. some 20s and 30s. sore was -- santa rosa was 29.
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they are 30. about 35 miles an hour above the caldecott. another low in southern california, high pressure to the north, the pattern is stick. so fog, sun, mild conditions. pockets of fog mainly out to the valleying -- valleys. upper 60s low 60s. the extended forecast shows more rain kicking in on thursday. saturday looks sunny and warmer! >> all right. thank you, steve. what's happening near washington, d.c. today to mark the end of the u.s. involvement in the iraq war and what's so special about the flag involved in today aceremony. a new battle for returning
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war veterans who want to find a job. a bay area organization that helps vets transition to civilian life. what new 911 tape from a deadly shooting reveals about the tragedy.
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good morning. we have -- well, some pockets of fog, 20s, 30s and 40s. we'll end up with sunshine today. a little windy out towards mount diablo and in the sierra. that's it. well, that he was an area of low pressure in southern california which got kicked out. it's turned into a whopper of a system. they have blizzard warnings in new mexico, colorado, moving into the texas panhandle.
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about 90 miles to the east roads were closed. another ceremony marking the end of the war in iraq will take place today. president obama and vice president biden will welcome the troops home in maryland. today's ceremony comes after fort bragg, north carolina. the end of the u.s. involvement in iraq, nine years after the conflict started in 2003. many veterans returning home from iraq will have a new bat toll fight. the unemployment rate for veterans has averaged 30% this
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year. it's more than twice the unemployment of others. on average, the rate for older veterans are slightly better. many people enlist straight out of high school and don't have a lot of work experience outside of the military. >> i want to be a firefighter really bad. i applied all over. it's expect tive -- competitive. this morning the u.s. house is expected to reject a compromise bill that would have
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temporary put an extension. carol han has more. carol? >> reporter: dave, i'm gonna take you straight to the political battleground, also known as the floor of the u.s. house. you're taking a live look now for the past hour, house republicans and democrats have been at war over the payroll tax holiday. what republicans want is for the tax rate and the job les benefits to be extended for the entire year. i'm hearing house republicans are not holding a direct up and down vote the. we just heard -- vote. we just heard from george miller. >> we can come together this holiday season and give american middle-class families that they will have a continuation of the tax cut on january 1st. >> reporter: bake live often the house floor, republicans say they want to send this back
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to the table to try to reach an agreement for a year. if this deal is not worked out, your taxes will go up in the next 11 days. 7:19. nationwide mourning continues in north korea north korea as the body of the leader lies in a doff fin. this shows paying of respects. eleven days of official mourning in north korea will be followed by a state funeral on december 28th. and president obama continues to reassure u.s. allies in asia of the u.s. commitment in the region after the death of kim jong-il. last night, president obama afree -- spoke with the
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japanese leader. the 911 tapes have now been released from last friday's deadly office shooting in southern california. >> what's going on there? >> gunshots being fired. >> do you know who is doing it? >> no, ma'am. i'm in the office right new. >> on friday, police say the gunman, andre turner, showed up to work at southern california edison with a semi-automatic gun. he killed two people wounded two others and then killed himself. police are still searching for a motive. christmas only five days away. steve paulson will have your five-day forecast. and the big announcement nasa is expected to make later on this morning. booring. northbound 280 traffic is moving i long pretty well --
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good morning. northbound 280 traffic is moving pretty well.
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nass promises new information on the continuing search for other planets that might sustain life. earlier this month, scientists at neas aims and mountain view a -- nasa aims and mountain view announced there could be water on the robot. it's expected today's announcement will be about similar planets that have been found. we'll find out what the astronomers have discovered at 10:00 a.m. i'm not making this up. some residents in the czech republic have chosen a new religion. it's from a galaxy far, far away. according to a new census, some listed their religion as nights
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of the jedi. the followers says the force surrounds us and binds the galaxy together. they are not the only ones. grib and new zealand also list the jedi church among their formal relinnous options. >> i've -- great britain and new zealand also list the jedi church among their formal religious options. let's go to sal. this morning on 0, that -- on 8 0, that commute looks -- 880, that commute looks nice. don't let this fool you. there are a lot of crowds at
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the shopping mall. so get their early. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. some areas of fog and some wind higher elevations also up in the area -- sierra. some areas of frost, mendocino and sonoma county. it's a very quiet pattern for us. nothing is really changing. afternoon highs. upper 50s, low 60s. so the travel weather except for that fog is really quiet and warmer. there's some chilly, chilly numbers out there. 35 redwood city. livermore, 32. fairfield is also reporting some fog and a quarter-mile visibility and 35. so that's cold out there. another low in southern california, let's see there was a funnel cloud, a pilot reported that. more snow at big bear.
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we sit here high and cite without any problem da -- without any rain at all. also up in the sierra, alpine ski meadows had a gus of 50. although the wind picks up again on thursday, after that things calm down. all right. just turning 7:27, injured bryan stow appeared in his first television ent ent -- interview. >> how are you? >> i'm doing fine. thank you. we're live where a jewelry heist happens in broad daylight. we'll tell you what detectives are doing to catch those responsible.
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>> reporter: witnesses say three people wearing ski masks and toting guns stormed into the store yesterday morning just after 11:00. this was in broad daylight. they stole some jewelry and took off around the corner on rodriquez avenue. detectives are reviewing surveillance footage right now, trying to get a better description of the suspects. all we know at this point is they were wearing black ski masks. according to their website, this has been a family-run website for 30 years. there's no mention of the robbery on the facebook page but a customer has already
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posted a message. the santa clara county's sheriff's office is handling the investigation. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:31. injured giants' fan bryan stow appeared in his first television interview since that brutal beating back in march. he was able to hold a simple conversation. bryan stow was in a rehab center. he was brutally beaten outside of dodger stadium in march. doctors say the frontal lobe of his brain was damaged. that's the area that controls decision making and his personality. for the first time bryan's friends talk about the attack. they say he was sucker punched and repeatedly kicked. >> jeff and i got to him at the
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same type, we pleaded for these guys to stop. >> now, the suspects are charged in the beating case and both have pled not guilty. his speech and mobility may get better. doctors expect some kind of permanent disability. 7:32. oakland police have a mystery to solve and they are hoping that a dress will help them do it. police found a woman wearing this dress last thursday on the rocks of the oakland estuary. she was barely conscious when found and later died. the woman is described as after am, between 30, 40. about'57, weighing about 200 pounds. she had -- about 5'7", weighing about 200 pounds. she had brown hair and brown eyes. leaders of the alameda
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labor counsel said they will fight any effort to recall mayor quan. the council helps about 100 unions. and they say this is a waste of resources and energy. >> she has no leadershipship stills at all -- skills at all. she's a union leader. >> right now there are two separate recalls. the first group to gather 20,000 signatures and have them certified are -- will get their measure on the ballot in november. tonight, there will be efforts to prevent a shutdown of the port. there was little confrontation
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with the place when this happened. but police say this will have to change and say the economic prospects of these contracts, about 4 million was lost. this new poll showing president obama's approval ratings are getting better. some approve of his happenedling. however, 49% say think -- they approve of his performance. and a group of voters in iowa, shows a shakeup of the presidential candidates. coming up at 7:48, the new front-runner of the new iowa caucuses, coming up on january
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3rd. more bay area businesses are stepping up to help raise money for the family of officer jim kapoot this restaurant will donate 25% of their restaurant receipts. 7:46. the investigation into the cause of a huge water main break in south san francisco is expected to wrap up in the next week. it was a 12-inch water main break that broke last month. look at that. releasing with a -- releasing about a million gallons of
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water of holmes in elmwood court. the city's public utilities is investigating. they will make their report public. pg&e is signaling that it may be willing to compromise with its customers other over the smart meter. for the first time customers said they can keep their it anna log -- keep their anna log meters. we want to check in with sal. see how things are going on this tuesday, december 20th. >> i would say they are going pretty well this morning, even though we've had some crashes out there. we've had traffic recover almost immediately which goes to show you that the traffic volume is lighter. let's go out to live pictures. 237 still has some slow traffic
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driving over to zanker road but it gets better right after that. so it's not quite as deep ats it normally is. this is a look at interstate 0. the track -- 880. the traffic moves well. this morning's commute on 80 westbound bay bridge. that's whether a five-minute de- - that's about a five-minute delay. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. it will be sunny and mild. our pattern is stuck. the low that's ploe deusing blifrtd -- producing -- producing conditions kicks out but another one will be moving in an there will be another one
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for southern california, up there. they are doing unbelievably well. if you are heading in that direction, hoop doesn't want to budge. we get the north-northeast wind. pattern is stuck for san francisco. we've had .12 of rain. that's it. if anything you can see the direction going from east to southwest and then then it raps around an ged into southern california. 30s for some, 20s for others. there's some really cold froty numbers in the mendocino county. up towards ukiah, santa rosa was 29. concord, livermore, even redwood city. san jose 37. oakland airport did make it down to 3. now i think they are
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32. santa rosa if they don't get a hint of wind, they don't get that 63. we'll go with it. fog back on wednesday and then another system drops into nevada on thursday. that will pick up the wind as well. things calm down and with your weekend in view, it will be quiet and warm. >> thank you, steve. this year a child from petaluma is being given an award for giving the gift of life. >> his parents decided to donate his organs and his corneas have allowed a fifth
7:41 am
person to see. now, he and 21 others will be -- 71 will be featured in the rose's parade. two rare siberian tiger home will get a taste of tinter today. they are part of the tiger visit at six plugs -- six klugs. this is videos of the -- clubs. this is voofs of them. look at that one. that one -- that one stays the two tigers will be allowed to stay in the know as lodge as they are interested. why at&t is having to hang up on their pleasants -- on mr. plans to buy google.
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all-new p,
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the 2012 motor trend car of the year, for practically just your signature. that's the power of german engineering. visit stocks are surging thanks to encourages sign -- encouraging signs. right now the dow is up 252, over 2%. nasdaq is up 63. s&p is up 28. and at&t's stock is up slightly today, up almost 1% at the opening bell. that's after at&t announced it was calling off its plans to
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buy t-mobile usa. at&t will have to pay a $4 billion cancellation fee to t- mobile's german parent company. it will have to find another way to solve the shortage of wireless air wave --ary waves --ary -- airwaves. >> a north bay newspaper could soon have a new owner. "the new york times" regional media group is in negotiations to sell "the santa rosa press democrat" to halifax media holdings. the time is negotiating to tell
7:46 am
them other newspapers. three commercial fishermen are recovering after being rescued off the southern california coast. on sunday, the three men were pulled from their stalled boat in the channel islands chain. they say even though they dropped anchor. the boat was drifting too close to rocks. a coast guard helicopter was rescued -- was dispatched to rescue. and the surf scare involving and actor. here's more. >> "men and mavericks" has been filmed in the bay area in recent weeks. the 42-year-old leading man was held under water, as 15-foot waves rolled. a safety patrol on a jet ski
7:47 am
managed to pick up butler. mavericks is known, as you know, for its dangerous surf break near half moon bay. this is video back in october when we were on the set of the gerard butler movie. the movie is about his lemmened and mentor. scenes have been filmed in santa rosa and pacifica. as for gerard butler, authorities say the actor was shaken up but not serious injured. he was taken to stanford medical center. back to the desk. all right. 7:47. well, reaction is mixed among the bay area's cyan community -- korean community about the
7:48 am
death of kim jong-il. reporter man hung works for "the times." he says his father blames kim jong-il for keeping families apart. >> they took everything away from -- you know, property, lands, food, everything. that's why we escaped. >> paul lim who has a think tank on the policy says kim jong-il has been unfairly characterized and says life in north korea has been misrepresented. 7:4. in a new -- a new poll shows that ron paul is the new winner along the gop presidential candidates. 23% of likely voters say they support paul. 20% favor mit ronny and nit as
7:49 am
-- romney and newt gingrich. newt gingrich has been campaigning heavy any iowa in recent weeks. he's seen his poll numbers drop after some of his rivals have been running attack ads against him. >> i really wish they would have the courage to be positive and i really wish they would have the courage with the ideas. >> newt gingrich was leading but in recent weeks his support has dropped off. remember sarah palin? well, she may change her mind and run for president. >> you know, it's not too late
7:50 am
for folks to jump in and i don't know. i don't know. who knows what will happen in the future? >> she made those comments last night on "fox news." how far, she said she -- she did not say if she was considering a run. she said in october she was no longer interested in a campaign because of her family commitments. >> newt gingrich, really? >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> he appeared last night on "david letterman." he delivered the top-ten segment that mitt romney would like to say to the american people. he poked fun at his hair and made jokes about the indianapolis colts. all right. a couple trying to book a dream vacation says their plans
7:51 am
turned into a nightmare. the reason why they were turned down. and what sparked the death of brittney murphey.
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eight minutes before 8:00. breaking news out of new jersey right now. a small plane has crashed onto a freeway in harding, new jersey. that's in the northern part of the state, about an hour west of new york city of manhattan near popular suburban cities like westfield and summit. police are saying there are three possible deaths, interstate 287. we spwndz yndz that's closed -- we understand that's closed.
7:54 am
cameras panning around. again, a small plane has just gone down in harding, new jersey, about an hour west of manhattan. a lesbian couple from southern california is suing a bed and breakfast in hawaii. they say they were denied a room because they are gay. the woman said they were turned down by the aloha bed and breakfast. they said the owner told her she was not comfortable having lesbians in her place of business because of her religious views. early saturday morning, police in milpitas saw a mon walking across a building, a commercial building on the montague expressway. they were stopped before they tried to drive away. there reportedly was evidence found deathing them to the
7:55 am
missing copper from the building. now the building's owner says the theft amounted to about $100,000 worth. the couple was arrested on charges that include, trespassing, vandalism and grand theft. the mother of the late actress brittney murphey is suing her former attorney. she died from pneumonia. her husband died five months later. britney's mother says toxic mold in the couple's home is to blame. tmz reports she filed a lawsuit against her legal team. let's go to sal. how is 101 looking? >> pretty good dave. we've been watching that. we've been watching just a lot of commutes but 101 in san rafael, a little bit slow here in central san rafael -- or
7:56 am
this is terra linda but coming in from nova doe holding -- healing south has not been all of that -- all that bad the rest of the marin county as you drive down to tiburon looks good. this morning's commute looks good. we had a backup of about 30 minutes ago. it didn't last among -- long. 280 is slow. it gets better after zanker road. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. a very good morning. some wind or fog up in the higher elevations. otherwise it will be sunny. it's not looking good for rain. for san francisco, .12 drupes
7:57 am
-- 12 -- .012. december is usually the wettest month of our rain recent. had just over 4.5 of rain but a dry, dry this usually equals a dry year. we'll stay positive. nothing's nothing that says rain or snow in the forecast. sierra -- sierras have gust to around 65. other than that, it's the fog. very frosty conditions towards the sonoma county into lake county and men desee know county -- mendocino. bill in vallejo has a southeast
7:58 am
wind. bill in vallejo reporting a wind in an eerly direction. if you get that breeze, it's not bad. this pattern is not looking good. they are getting a lot of snow and/or rain. patchy fog in the valley. that's about it. cold mornings, patches of fog comes pack in and burns off. breezy and windy. other than that, there's no wayne this -- no training whack -- rain this week william. other than this this pattern, fogsened, mice and warming -- fog and it will have
7:59 am
a nice warming. back to you. >> thank you. what a suspect is accused of causing a chase. and a blackout night for candlestick park. we'll tell you what caused a prayer of power outages outages at the park. @
8:00 am
[ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, december 20th. well, pg&e is busy trying to -- trying to figure out why the lights went out twice at candlestick park. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: it's still not clear what caused the power outages. pg&e is investigating but any are not confirming initial reports that it was blown to a -- that it was a blown
8:02 am
transformer. that's what many fans reported seeing here. the first power outage happened about 20 minutes before the kickoff. -- when the power outage happened, we thought it was fireworks. >> yeah. >> around lights went out and we were like what's that? >> this is video bhaf it was like for the fans in the stands. backup generators did kick in. then when the game got going, a few minutes into the 2nd
8:03 am
quarter -- 2nd qaut. it happened again. >> many fans were embarrassed and some booing. >> some people were mad because they don't want to miss the game when it starts again. >> reporter: last night, 49er officials believe the outages happened because of a blown transformer, possibly like the one we showed you in ma video. but -- in that video. >> we're still waiting to hear back. >> 8:03. a former assistant coach at an independent school is the subject of an investigation of
8:04 am
theft. he confessed to stealing two ipods at menlo school. police say he turned himself in and they were found at -- at his apt -- apartment. police say last month, tailor helped catch the thieves. police are looking for two thieves who tried to steal an atm. police say the thieves drove a truck in the store smashing through the windows. they then tied chains around the atm and hooked it on their truck and sped off. the face of the atm popped off but the part with the money stayed in place. police believe the cls may be connected to a similar botched robby at a target store.
8:05 am
8:05. we have breaking news coming in from new jersey right now. these are live pictures. a small plane has just crashed down onto a freeway in harding, new jersey. the northern part of the state. now, you can see a helicopter in this live picture because the camera is shooting all of the things that are going on. we don't know if this is a rescue helicopter or not. we're hearing reports of possibly three people being killed. the interstate is closed in
8:06 am
both directions. one witness said it looked like the wing of the plane was breaking off before that plane actually crashed. you are looking at a wide shot of the general area. that very same witness said she saw an explosion when the plane crashed down onto the highway. again, reports now of a smal plane crashing down -- small plane crashing down. perhaps three people killed. this is a flewid story -- fluid story. we're following this. we're getting more details about what happened in northern new jersey just a short time ago. we'll have more details as they come in. 8:06. dramatic video to show you now of police in southern california chasing and capturing a kidnapped suspect in los angeles. now, police started chasing that man after a mother said
8:07 am
her 4-year-old drrt -- daughter had been kidnapped. one television station in los angeles there says the man is the little girl's father. a $152 million lottery jackpot is up for grabs. kraig debro is live at the facility where people are hoping for and early christmas present. >> reporter: it's also a good hanukkah present. would be. sales have kind of slowed down. we're seeing a lot of people bying doughnuts and coffee. know, initially at 6:00 this morning, when the lottery -- lottery sales were supposed to start. that was remedied. as soon ass that -- as soon as
8:08 am
that was fixed, machines start -- machines started to hum right away. >> i actually got a ticket down the street at the same time they hit the 56 million one time. it wasn't my ticket. no luck. the juke pot, $152. you can buy tickets up until 7:45. it's a 42-state deal. odes are tremendous. don't know what they are. one person says if you don't play you can't win. we talked to people with what they would do with the money if they won. >> yeah, i got a bun in the oven. >> i'm gonna help out a lot of people, pay my kids' education and schools and buy everybody
8:09 am
gifts. >> reporter: the opener here -- the owner here is also involved in the pool. it's not just the people on one side of the counter. the people behind the counter are behind this as well. the drawing begins at 8:00. we got a big, big purchase right there. how many purchase -- how many tickets is this? >> 43. >> reporter: 43. just you or a pool? >> a pool. >> reporter: a pool of people. i hope you know if you win the media gets a fraction of your winnings as well. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he's got the right idea. reporting live in hayward, ktvu channel 2 news. >> nice try, kraig. what would you do if you hit the jackpot? one woman wrote -- tell us what
8:10 am
you think. send us a message to the ktvu chan 28 newsroom. we get to take a break. i understand we're gonna check in with sal and see how the morning commute is going. >> we're having pretty good commutes here. this is the east shore freeway and westbound there was an earlier -- westbound. there was an earlier crash. it recovered nicely.
8:11 am
the peninsula on 101 and 280 looks good. at 8:10. let's go to steve. >> thank you. everything continues to go offshore on the peninsula. a lot of pockets of 20s, 30s. a little breezy out towards crockett, vallejo. but 30, 40s. 46 raquel said 46 but it feels colder. i would say 44, 45, 46 all over san francisco. so that's right. high pressure will continue to be our fair-weather friend. pockets of fog. cold morning. even though the days are really short. we still get temperatures that aren't too bad for a couple of hours and the extended outlook which has bur yckd -- which has your weekend in view. the wind kicks up again on thursday.
8:12 am
and looks mild to warm. cooler sunday. 8:11. right now about 200 people lining up to get some early christmas presents. in facts we want to take you there live. there's a cute kid, tori! this is outside of san francisco's glide memorial church. a lot of people out there. in just about an hour, volunteers will start anding -- will start handing out toys to the children. the giveaway will last until 11:00. glide memorial church is also asking for donations, money, gift cards, unwrapped toys. christmas gifts. >> a lot of people. 8:12. a big move against california's high speed rail project. what leaders of one bay area city just voted to do. also, why an arrest warrant has been issued for the vice president of iraq. and youtube's revealed its
8:13 am
biggest hit in 2011.
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. except for some fog in the valley and a little bit on the coast, it's cold. we'll end up with sunny, breezy conditions. highs 50, low 60s. really quiet. thank you, steve. southern california edison is apologizing to customers after a storm left thousands in the dark for close to a week.
8:16 am
430,000 edison customers lost power during a november 30th storm that brought wind gusts close to 100 miles per hour. now in a letter to customers, the company is promising to do a better job in the future, when it comes time to restore power. the california public utilities commission has launched an investigation into the storm response. another ceremony marking the end of the u.s. military involvement in iraq happens today near washington, d.c. president obama, and vice president joe biden will welcome home american troops from iraq at joint base andrews in maryland. there was another ceremony last week at fort bragg. this one you're watching here. the end of u.s. military involvement in iraq comes almost nine years after the war started in 2003. meantime, in iraq an arrest warrant for iraq's vice president has been issued by an
8:17 am
investigative committee. tariq a l hasmimi is accused of bombs exploding. a field hospital doctor says a 15-year-old protester is in critical condition after suffering a gunshot. egypt is getting increasing crit sill. since the latest violence broke out on friday, 14 people have died. there are only five days left until christmas and congress is locked in yet another showdown over tax breaks and jobless benefits. this morning, the u.s. house is expected to reject a compromise
8:18 am
bill that would have temporarily extended both. carol han is in our washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us how this could affect all of us. >> reporter: let's take you live. the lawmakers just held a first of a series of votes on the payroll tax holiday. it's a procedure for the republicans who are one step closer to sending the entire issue back to the negotiating table. house republicans want to extend the payroll tax for an entire year. the house is choosing to ignore the senate deal. we just heard this from house minority leader, san francisco's nancy pelosi, who is furious, that republicans are not allowing an up-or-down vote. >> it's just the extreme who are standing in the way of a tax cut for 160 million
8:19 am
americans. >> reporter: back live on the house floor, republicans say they want a congressional conference committee to hash out a long-term extension. the house will be voting on this later on this afternoon unless a deal is worked out. the bottom line is your taxes will go up in just 11 days. live in washington, d.c., carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of palo alto is taking its strongest position yet against california's high- speed rail project. last night they voted to formally call for an end to the high-speed rail project. one concern is the price tag, almost $100 billion. in 2008, the rail authority estimated the costs for the san francisco to los angeles line could be -- would be less than $40 billion. four vifermal groups are appealing a decision to allow construction to begin on san francisco's pier 27. the planning commission approved the work to change the
8:20 am
san francisco waterfront for america's cup starting next summer. well now that work will be put on hold until the board of supervisors can peer the -- can here the appeal from environmentists. that hearing is not scheduled but city officials say it could happen next month. the marin independent reports, in a message posted, the fairfax dispensary says it hopes further court action will allow them to reopen. a 7-year-old boy remains in critical condition after he fell 60 feet from a ski lift in placer county over the weekend. the boy fell on sunday at sugar bowl during a practice session for his ski team.
8:21 am
sugeary bowl officials -- sugar bowl said he handed -- landed on a hard surface, not fully covered in snow. a he's hospitalized in reno. >> it's an unfortunate incident. two other boys were on the list when the 7-year-old fell. an investigation is now underway. ♪ it's friday, friday ♪ gotta get down on friday ♪ >> that's be reck bau blacks. the -- rebecca blacks. many videos were lighthearted. youtube says the upcoming presidential election has a lot of people watching political videos. 19-year-old zach walls had the
8:22 am
most watched political video of the year. more than 1 million hits. that video shows ball -- -- walled a yovate -- advocating for gay marriage. and also on there, the big announcement about the death of osama bin laden. both of those were in the top four. >> kind of interesting to see what people choose. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. 8:22. more doors are opening in one east bay city. why business owners want to set up shop in downtown walnut creek. and as we lookout -- now, that's a beautiful picture. winter may officially begin in two days.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
business is really starting to pick up in downtown walnut creek. real estate agents say there's only 75,000 feet of vacant space. that's at prerecession levels and more businesses are begun to open their stores, that includes the giants' dugout
8:26 am
store and new restaurants. business owners say the low case is perfect and they say walnut creek is the culinary capital of the east bay. if you are worried about getting all of those toys on your shopping list done, you don't have to rush. toys 'r' us will be open nonstop between now and christmas eve. they opened up at 6:00 this morning and will stay open 112 straight hours. there are additional discounts for those shopping online. >> a lot of traffic out there. let's check in with sal castanedo, see how things are on the road. >> things are doing pretty well. we have a couple of spots where things are slowing down. highway 4 is a little foggy. as we pull out you can see some of the fog pulling in over
8:27 am
pittsburg, antioch. and traffic looks good if you are driving on the toll plaza. if you are driving to the south bay, it's been nice and quiet if you are driving to cupertino today. just a little slowing on 7 getting into downtown. let's go to steve. >> parking is easy at walnut creek, as long as you get there at 9:00 a.m. [ laughter ] >> right. we do have fog from the valley. it's coming back this direction. so eastern solano, contra costa county, right now around vallejo and crockett, we've had an easterly breeze wind. kirk up in mendocino county, it was 24, close to town, then he went up to -- back home and it was 53 and breezy.
8:28 am
if you have any kind of a breeze, it's held up. 20s, 30s, 40s, 46 san francisco. a couple of reports say it may be colder than that. san jose, at 37. i think our observer -- our observer tom said 34. i will believe it when it rains. i just don't see anything. 50s and 60s, if you get stuck in the fog, it will be hard to warm up. no change on wednesday. another system digs into -- digs into nevada on thursday. we're still following developing news from new jersey where a small plane crashed on a freeway. this is a live picture, folks, northern new jersey. we'll tell you what eyewitnesses say they saw just before the plane went do you. >> reporter: we're live in
8:29 am
cupertino where detectives are searching for three involved in a jewelry store heist. we just spoke to the jewelry storeowner and we'll have his reaction coming up. and a close call, a train landing in someone's neighborhood after flying off.
8:30 am
8:31 am
police in cupertino searching for three suspects who robbed a jewelry store in broad daylight. this happened yesterday off south deanza boulevard in cupertino. ktvu's tara moriarty is here. you just talked to the jewelry storeowner and you have his reaction. tara? >> reporter: we. we just spoke to him by
8:32 am
telephone. this is the man the store is nailed after. he says he's still in shock after the suspect charged into his store pointing guns at him and his coworkers. they used some guns to break some display cases, some glass. witnesses say three people wearing black ski masks chawrblged in -- charged in. they stole some jewelry and took off around the corner on rodriquez avenue. detectives are revee you -- reviewing surveillance tape. according to the website, this store has been a family-owned store for 30, 40 years. he works alongside his deserts -- daughters here. the santa clara county sheriff's office is handling
8:33 am
the case and they won't say what was stole. he says he cares more about the work and customers at his store than any amount of jewelry. he asked anybody who saw the thieves running away from the store to contact the authorities so they can try to get more information. and he wants to remind his customers that his store is, indeed, open today. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. vale police are searching for the -- vallejo police are searching for the valdemoro who robbed a convenience store. it happened at 9:00 last night. police say two masked men walked into the store and forced everyone to get on the ground. they robbed the store, shot the clerk in the leg and ran off. oakland mayor jean quan is getting support to keep her job from local labor leaders. leaders say they will fight any
8:34 am
effort to recall mayor quan. council represents more than 100 unions and they say recall efforts are a waste of resources and energy. mayor quan says the recall efforts are not fair since she's only been in office for a year. >> this is more pushbacks than i expected. i think some people don't know and will sign anything. >> she has no union -- she has no leadership abilities at all. she is a union leader. but she has no leadership abilities at all. >> there are two recalls going on. the first group to gather the 20,000 signatures would get its measure on the november ballot. oakland city council is looking for a way to prevent any more shut downs at the port of oakland. this comes a week after occupy
8:35 am
shut down the port. about $4 million was lost at the port of oakland during monday -- monday's shutdown. we're continuing to follow developing news out of new jersey. that's where a small plane has crashed on 287 in harding, new jersey, in the northern part of the state, about 40 miles west of manhattan. this is new video just in of some of the wreckage. you can barely recognize what is on the scene. police say there are three possible fatalities. the faa says the plane disappeared from radar after taking off from the nearby teterboro airport. again, this happened a short time ago in new jersey.
8:36 am
there's no word yet whether there -- whether there was three people on the plane or whether somebody on the ground may have been killed. 8:35. federal agents in santa clara county are getting ready to deport 63 undocumented residents recently released from jail. of the 63, 55 have prior criminal conviction. cases for the remaining eight are still pending. the offenses range from selling dangerous and spousal abuse. 8:36. later on tonight, oakland city council is set to vote on a municipal i.d. card for oakland residents. similar i.d. cards have been issued in other cities primarily to give undocumented immigrants some
8:37 am
kind of identification. but oakland's i.d. card would be the first in the nation also to work as an arm debit card. the idea is to idea people without bank accounts to avoid high check cashing fees an avoid walking around with large apartments of -- amounts of cash. many coming home from iraq will have a new battle -- finding a job. on average, the rates for older veterans are slightly better. many enlist straight out of high school and don't have a lot of work experience outside of the military. >> i want to be a firefighter really bad. i applied all over. it's just so competitive. >> we have an obligation to help those who stood up and
8:38 am
served the country the white house estimates that 1 million veterans will join the workforce over the next five years. coming up on 8:3. right now, thousands of people are lining up for some early christmas presents in san francisco. this is new video from outside glide memorial church. in just about half an hour, volunteers will begin handing out toys to all of these children. >> they are so exsided. they are gonna get something that they really, really are looking forward to. and that's what christmas is about, are the children. >> the giveaway will last until 11:00 a.m. glide is still asking for donations, money, gift cards or unwrapped toys can be dropped off at the el yis street
8:39 am
location -- ellis street location. and there's a give away at the mountain view senior center. it begins at 9:00 a.m. and runs until 10:30. 8:38. well, he was shaken but he wasn't seriously hurt. really close call at mavericks for hollywood actor jerrod butler. jerry butler to some. shooting a movie about a santa cruz surfing legend. now, coming up at:45, the really -- at 8:45 the really scary incident that led to him being pulled out of the water and taken to the hospital. just before 5:00 yesterday evening, a train car carrying steel burdeners came off the tracks and slammed into several i trees and parked cars. luckily nobody was hurt.
8:40 am
we're now hearing the 911 tapes from a deadly office shooting in southern california. >> what's going on there? >> there's gunshots being fired. >> do you know who is doing it? >> no, ma'am. >> on sunday, office workers from southern california edison held a vigil to honor the shooting victims. on friday, andre turner showed up to work with a seemmy automatic handgun. he injured him and two others before turning the fun on himself. dispatchers say they could hear a lot of screaming and popping. more californians will be traveling this season. aaa says is -- says 11 million statewide plan to hit the road or take a flight. friday is expected to be the busiest day with more than 134,000 people expected to
8:41 am
arrive and depart. our time is 8:40. let's check in with sal. everyone banking on 880? >> they are. i think you might like it better because it's a little lighter than usual as you drive past these areas. it's a little slow approaching hyde street but it gets better at 23rd, which is good, and -- and there are no major problems. small delay getting into the city. and if you are driving in the south bay, northbound 101, 280 and 85 have been lighter than normal with just a little bit of slowing here and there. we are looking at a really quiet pattern with fogging into the valley. we could sure use some rain, that's not happen. it will be sunny and mild. a last look at what's been extremely dry for reno and the west coast but san francisco. only 12 drupes have -- .12.
8:42 am
december is usually our westest month. a dry december, usually, equals a dry year. they haven't had any precipitation in reno yet either. if they go the entire month without any plea scripps, i think it will be the first dry one since 1883. this is a really dry pattern for all of us. everything goes offshore. it will help us during the day. windy up in the his. especially the east bay hills and the sierra nevada. i think -- mount diablo, 64. travel weather except for fog or wind. there's no wayne or snow. it's during the day and fine. 20, 30s 40s. it's going to be sunny and mild. a cold morning gives way to
8:43 am
sunshine today. and temperatures inching upwards. 60s force others and the extended -- 60s for others. wind again on thursday and then the weekend calms down. there's no rain in site and really not even for next week. ty, steve. 8:42. new accusations this morning that -- thank you, steve. 8:42. new accusations this morning that four received loans from a large corporation. and bryan stow, his first television interview. what his friends are saying about the attack on him. hey guys, what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
a surge in apartment construction rose because of permits. some analysts say the gains, suggests that the recessed housing industry may have reached a turning point for the
8:47 am
positive. the nasdaq is up 66 and s&p is up 29. we just checked and bank of america's stock is up over 3% at $5.13. it closed lower than $5 yesterday for the first time since march 2009. many banks have seen their stocks fall recently. but bank of america's has dropped more than 60% than the first of the year. four current members of the house of representatives received special vip loans from country wide. that's according to a southern california congressman darryl issa. those loans had often lower fees and interest rates. issa has not named the house
8:48 am
members publicly. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for -- for you right now. today in washington, the house of representatives say they will vote and reject the two- month extension payroll tax cut. they want a year-long extension. last night the fans were left in the dark at the 49ers' game. the 49ers won, 20-3. ktvu's allie rasmus is at the stadium now. they are still trying to figure out why the power went out twice. >> reporter: good morning. actually, last night a 49ers' team spokesman said they think a blown transformer may have
8:49 am
been the cause of this. this is some aerial video from last night's gay. this is from espn. you can see what appears to be a transformer or some electrical sparks. it's very similar to what fans describe seeing right before the power went out. >> when the power outage went out. we thought it was fire works. >> it was an explosion. and then the lights went out and we were like what's that? >> the power went out twice during the nationally televised the game. the first one delayed the start of the game by about 30 minutes and then the game got going and a few minutes into the second quarter, the stadium lights went out again. we may have more answers today.
8:50 am
live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:49. we're learning new details about a surfing scare here in the bay area involving a well- known actor. maureen naylor joins us from the newsroom with what one experienced surfer said happened at the famously dangerous surf location. >> reporter: that location is mavar rix and butler was taken to the stanford where he was released. authorities say the 42-year-old actor was shaken but otherwise okay after he was held underwater. people paddled out and a laurel set of waves broke -- large set of waves broke in front of him. back in october, we were on the set of the movie of "men and mavericks." this is video when the cameras were rolling.
8:51 am
butler was not there. the movie is set in the 1990s and is about jay moriarty, his legendary wipeout at bipouts along with his -- wipeouts, and that is set to be released next year. one of the surfers with butler calls the waves intense and said butler had not surfed much before the movie. in the newsroom, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. injured giants' fan bryan stow appeared in his first television interview since the beating. it shows -- this shows stow in a rehabilitation center. doctors say the frontal lobe of his complain was damaged which
8:52 am
criminals -- controls decision making and prnalties -- personalities. but he was able to hold a conversation with nancy schneiderman. >> hi. >> hi. how are you? >> i'm fine. >> i've heard so much about you. you are just as handsome as your sister said you are. [ laughter ] >> family members says i had condition is day by day. doctors expect some permanent disability. louie sanchez tans marvin norwood are charged in the beating case and they have they've pleaded not guilty. we're just about an hour away from an announcement
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
neas is about to announce new information in just about an hour on the continuing -- nasa is about to announce new information in just about an hour on the continuing education about the kepler mission that could have water on it, which is a key inglideiant for life as we know it. it's expected the announcement will be about other similar planets that have been found. we'll find out what the scientists have found out at
8:56 am
10:00 this morning. some residents in the czech republic have chosen a new religion and it's from a galaxy far, far away. about 15,000 czech citizens listed their religion as "knights of the jeddy -- jedi." they are the not the evenly ones, new -- only ones, new zealand and great britain listed that to be their religion as well. today is ticket tuesday. "bring it on" it's competitive cheerleading and for your chance to win go to before midnight and put in the secret word "hand spring."
8:57 am
hey, sal, bring on the commute. you know we're looking pretty good. we've had traffic jams but they've been in unusual places. northbound 8 0. we do have some slow traffic there approaching the coliseum. the morning commute at the toll plaza. i like the way that looks. if you are driving in san francisco along northbound 101, that traffic is light. let's go to steve. fog out to the east maybe some wind, higher elevations. otherwise sunny, mild, warm. a little breeze on thursday. all quiet as we head to the weekend. maybe even warm he on saturday. >> wow. feels like spring time. >> i know. probably rain -- [ laughter ] >> don't say that. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for joining us and trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join the news at noon and we'll have more on the
8:58 am
investigation of the power problems during the 49er game last night. we're always here at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us. ♪
8:59 am
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